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About Us

AFRITECH offers components at all stages of the mining value chain, allowing its customers to optimize the operation of their mines.


Who we are.

AFRITECH SARL is a 100% locally owned Congolese company, and proud member of the high five group of companies. AFRITECH SARL was duly constituted in 2012 with the objective to supply critical equipment to the mines, local government, municipalities, and private industrial sectors. Years of experience, intellectual capital and a proven track record differentiate AFRITECH SARL and ensure the utmost piece of mind to the customer and end users. AFRITECH SARL has not only succeeded in establishing itself in the distribution of these products and services, but has also excelled in establishing, and maintaining productive relationships with its customers. Mission Statement AFRITECH SARL strives to deliver quality products and services to its customers. We aspire to carry a reputation of reliability for developing and delivering products of good quality and timeous delivery, into the marketplace. In pursuit of our goals, we resolve to treat stakeholders, customers and the community with integrity and professionalism.


AFRITECH SARL has offices and warehousing in Johannesburg, Kitwe, Lubumbashi and storage (bonded and transit) facilities at Focus freight’s warehouse for stock and transit storage, with an individual item handling capacity up to 10 tones.


AFRITECH as a company specialised in the manufacturing and supply ofeletrowinning, dewatering technology  and recently a new division was established to focus on clean energy production much needed by Mining in the DRC.